LIFE of Bruce Lee

Born in San Francisco, raised in Hong Kong and shot to fame around the world, Bruce Lee’s life, though tragically short, was a glorious one. It is no doubt that Bruce Lee was a giant who stood upon the peaks of both martial arts and movies. But after we remove these symbols, who is he? Let our mind flow thorugh the focal points of his life, explore and understand Bruce Lee together.

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Identity Across Time and Space

Identity, to some extend, means struggle, produced in particular social situations, and keeping changing. The identity of immigrants or the representative identity in foreign countries is much more complex and multiplex. People keep moving to other countries to seek new opportunities, to explore new world, and to establish new identities of themselves.

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IDENTITY of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee, as the master of Martial Arts, perfectly established and developed his Chinese identity and masculine identity in American society. It is through Bruce Lee that China began to play on an international stage as a more strong, powerful and exciting image.

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